Coop Knits Sock Project Bags

In our house, knitting projects seem to get everywhere. Half-started socks appear and disappear into the ether with alarming regularity. Were it not for DPN protectors and project bags, cats, children, or a combination of both would cause the house to turn into some kind of a spiky spider's web, ready to trip, entangle and impale the unwary.

Project bags shouldn't just be functional however, and Jen has really got into statement bags to add to the pile of WIPs. These two have seen plenty of use recently:

Coop Knits Sock Bags

I'm a particular fan of "Socks Yeah!" as a slogan for the more..........assertive knitter and neither leaves any doubt as to their purpose.

If you would like one to be the envy of your knitting group, these eye-catching project bags are available for the Coop Knits shop. They are priced at £6 and will comfortably fit a couple of wound skeins of sock yarn, needles and a pattern.