Friday Favourites: Eden Cottage Yarns

Many thanks to Victoria Magnus, the brains behind Eden Cottage Yarns, for sharing her favourites with us this week!

What is your favourite colour?

I honestly don't have one - I love - really love - a vast range of colours. Everything from pale, wispy shades to rich jewel tones. I adore neutrals, but then love the rest too, so... I just can't pick a favourite! 

What is your current favourite yarn/fibre? 

This is also hard to answer but at least there's a bit less to choose from! I think it's probably the superwash Polwarth wool - Oakworth 4ply and DK. It ticks all the boxes - it's crisp, smooth, soft, bouncy, takes colour well, machine washable, hard wearing.. I'm knitting my Threads sweater in Oakworth DK at the moment, but also have socks and a beautiful shawl in Oakworth 4ply.

What is your favourite season?

I'm very eclectic - I love all the seasons for different reasons. I love winter's crispness and bleakness. I love it up on the Yorkshire moors in the rain (so atmospheric!), or in the fields in sparkly crispy snow. But then in spring you get the fresh little buds sprouting and the sun shimmering through the rain. I love summer - hot weather, long light nights, the scents of flowers, the late summer sun, being able to be outside without a jumper on, not wearing socks.. and then you have autumn which is not only spectacularly colourful, but you start to get that lovely crispness in the air and the promise of a good winter! 

What is your current favourite knitting project? 

That's got to be my Threads sweater. I do have several WIPs!

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

Alive or dead? Alive - Sean Bean. I can't get enough of hearing him speak, and I like to think he'd be interesting to talk to! Dead - my Grandad. He was a master leather tanner, but he died when I was about 11. I'd love to talk to him now. 

Where do you feel most inspired or get most inspiration?

Outside. Anywhere.. just outside. My kitchen where I work looks over my garden so I keep it very inspiring - I have a lot of wildflowers and plants out there. It's colourful and there are new colour combinations popping up all over the place all the time. We back onto orchards and fields too which is helpful!

Quick fire questions! What's your favourite: 
Book? Harry Potter
Film? Hot Fuzz
Quote? "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" (Dumbledore) OR "decaffeinated???" (Nicholas Angel in Hot Fuzz). 
Cocktail/drink? Elderflower gin with elderflower tonic, or a herbal tonic.
Cake? Victoria sponge (nothing to do with the name)
Cheese? Wensleydale with cranberries

Thanks Victoria for sharing your selections with us! You can purchase the stunning yarns that Victoria dyes at Eden Cottage Yarns.

All photographs are © Victoria Magnus and used with permission.