Here are all the little balls of leftover yarn from the single colour socks in Coop Knits Socks Vol 2. I'm going to try to use them all up, every last little bit and I'm formulating a plan to do this.

1. A pair of Mixalot socks. For my size each sock will use 14 colours (3 for cuff, heel and toe, 6 on the leg and 5 on the foot) and there are 14 colours, so thats serendipitous (I'm awarding myself bonus points for using my favourite word in context). The balls with larger amounts will be used for the cuffs/heels/toes because they use more yardage than the stripes.  

2. A pair of Otis socks. This will be one of the first patterns we kick off the official knit-a-long with. I need to decide on a main colour that will work with all these colours, I think maybe dark grey or possibly navy blue. 

3. I want to make a small crochet square with as many of the yarns as I can, it probably won't be possible with all of them. I'm going to try to make a square from the yarn of every pair of socks I make and eventually join them in to a huge blanket. 

4. Anything that is left after the first 3 projects will become a pair of stripy Dave socks, I'll keep making Daves until I run out of yarn, maybe there will be 2, possibly there will be 3, we'll have to wait and see!