Socks Yeah! in the wild

Socks Yeah! has been in yarn shops and available in my online shop for a few weeks now and before that the members of Yarnbox socks got 2 skeins in their packages for October, I am so excited to see it popping up on Ravelry and Twitter and Instagram:

Left to right: Princesstiaraknits knitting with Sphene, Sue's sock with Ammolite and Axinite and Pollyknot's sock in progress in Danburite.

One of the most interesting things is packing the orders and seeing what colour combinations people are putting together and seeing which colours are the most popular, so far every week has brought a new favourite. 

Rachel is knitting a kind of new pattern for me with Kunzite, it was a club pattern for Magpielly a while ago and it will be available soon! Jen is knitting Betula, an old favourite, in Malachite and Carol is knitting Orville in Iolite. 

I made some bunting for my studio using a pattern from Mango Tree Crafts, I love the way these crochet squares look and I feel like my crochet pattern-understanding skills are improving slowly but surely!