Friday Favourites: Fyberspates

This week's dyer to be put to the question is Jeni, the mastermind behind Fyberspates

What is your favourite colour?

Definitely without doubt Sunshine Yellow.

Askews Me  in  Vivacious DK  Sunshine and Slate

Askews Me in Vivacious DK Sunshine and Slate

What is your current favourite yarn/fibre? 

Silk is my fav fibre because it makes all colours look amazing, even the horrible sludgy ones look super duper on silk! 

What is your favourite season?

Autumn, because the colours are so beautiful, rich reds, rusty oranges, and YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW! (and spring comes second because of the yellow daffs!)

Autumn inspired colours

Autumn inspired colours

What is/was your current favourite knitting/crochet project? 

Absolutely has to be Hannah Fettig's Featherweight cardigan! I’ve knitted it 3 times now, all in different yarns, and I'm about to start on my 4th. Guess what my favourite was? Yup, it was Sunshine Yellow in Nef which is baby alpaca, silk and cashmere It's my very very favourite garment to wear of all time.

Jen's favourite cardis

Jen's favourite cardis

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

After mulling over many many people, I started to get anxious imagining eating a spag bol in front of Einstein or something, getting it all down my shirt and looking like a dumbass. So actually it would be my sweetie Andy, we have the best dinners together (apart from when I’m paying because I’m cursed and we always have a bad experience, but thats another story…and before you think it, no I don’t engineer it that way so I don’t have to pay…. HONEST!) 

Where do you feel most inspired or get most inspiration?

I think an easier question would be when do I NOT get inspired. I literally have ideas popping in my head 24 hours a day. If that stops I always know something’s up! In terms of a place and time, I love to sit on my sofa on a Sunday morning with a big pile of craft and cookbooks, read them in silence in my pj’s, and plan all my projects. Thats probably my favourite time and place to get inspiration.

Jeni's inspiration comes from everywhere

Jeni's inspiration comes from everywhere

Quick fire questions! What is your favourite: 

Book? Anything by Diana Henry… the cook lol (I read cookbooks from cover to cover)

Film? Brokeback Mountain

Quote? 'Be the change you wish to see’ Ghandi

Cocktail/drink? Fever Tree tonic water with the juice of a lime and torn basil.

Cake? Apple custard cake (I think I just made that up, but I NEED IT NOW)

Cheese? Oooh you can’t beat a good sharp Cheddar

You can find Fyberspates yarn, patterns and books in yarn stores worldwide, or direct from the Fyberspates website.

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