Intentions 2015

Happy New Year!


I much prefer thinking of some things I intend to do in the coming year rather than making Resolutions. It's probably because I have, in the past, come up with great long lists of things and then failed miserably to actual do any of them. I have also tried to make much more reasonable lists of resolutions and still not achieved them. 

I'm probably fooling myself that changing the word will charge the outcome but I will give it a go anyway. My intentions are two-fold:


Number One: I intend to learn how to crochet. 


I have attempted this a few times but I've never been able to get the hang of it. One of the problems I've had is trying, as a left hander, to learn from a right hander. I need to find some left handed crochet resources.

I hope to crochet a blanket with my mini-skein collection and this beautiful shawl/wrap from the latest Pom Pom Quarterly:

Trienne by Rachel Atkinson from Pom Pom Quarterly - photo belongs to Juju Vail.

Trienne by Rachel Atkinson from Pom Pom Quarterly - photo belongs to Juju Vail.

Number Two: I intend to visit a different museum, art gallery or exhibition every month in 2015.


I do visit places already but what I want to do is go places and sketch, I got this concertina sketch book from Cass Art and I would like to fill it. This probably means I will be going alone (or with people who don't mind being left alone for a few hours). I've got a few places on my list; Modern Art Oxford for the William Morris & Andy Warhol exhibition, The Botanical Gardens in Birmingham and old favourites like the V & A and The Natural History museum. If anyone has any suggestions (now or throughout the year), please tweet them at me (@coopknits) 

What are your plans for 2015?