I will forgive you for not knowing about the Summer of Socks but now you know and I'm sure you have a sock-in-progress or 2 you could finish off before August, the great thing about knitting socks is they are awesomely portable, you can stuff them in your bag and set of to the park or the beach... (which reminds me, the beach is where I will be this weekend for Unwind Brighton, I know you can't come (BOO) but anyone else coming should come and say hello!)

The last few and next few weeks are somewhat busy(!), a week or so ago I got back from my first trip to Woolfest in Cockermouth and WOW is that a beautiful place! Even the last 50 or so miles on the motorway were pretty and it's not often you can say that!

It was a great show, lots of lovely people stopped to have a chat, the most dogs (well behaved, handsome and on leads) I've ever seen at a show and of course SHEEP (some of the sheep made noises that sounded very human indeed, reminiscent of the classic 'goats that shout like people' of youtube fame). 

I picked up a few things, some rather exciting sock blanks which I will show you at a late date, some lovely Eden Cottage yarn and this magnificent Fenella from Susan Crawford for a design idea, Susan took a photo of these colours together a few weeks ago and I haven't stopped thinking about them ever since.

Right, I've got workshop notes to print and suitcases to pack, speak soon! x x